how to videoRunning FSX 2020 Software

  • 12 Course Library including Pebble Beach
  • The Public Rate is $45/hour for this simulator, regardless of the number of people in your group.
  • If a Lake Sunapee Member is present, the cost is $35/hour for this simulator

Time Considerations

  • On average it takes 1 HOUR for a twosome to play 9 holes.
  • You should book for 2 HOURS if you have 2 people who want to play 18 Holes.
  • You should book for 4 HOURS if you have 4 people who want to play 18 Holes.

Use the 'Add Service to Cart' functionality if you are booking MORE THAN 1 HOUR, before you checkout via the BOOK NOW button. This will ensure you reserve enough time for your group based on the recommendations above.

$ 45.00 1 hour
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